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Birthday & Special occasion cakes

Below is a list of my favourite cakes. That said, I'm always on the look out for new favourites - just ask!

- Light lemon yoghurt
A recipe I found tucked inside a second-hand book. Gorgeous and light. The perfect 'ladies' cake! I like to pair this with a Swiss buttercream & tiny flowers for decoration.

- Blueberry Boy Bait
With a name like that, who could resist! A recipe dating bake to 1954. This is the cake to have if in need of some boy baiting! Read the full story here.

- Old fashioned chocolate
I like to mix this one up to suit different tastes. A rich chocolately chocolate cake which can be paired with chunks of turkish delight, espresso, orange zest, violet crumble - the choices almost endless.

- Hazelnut & orange
A classic flour-less cake with a extra nutty hazelnut influence & gorgeous syrup poured over after baking.

- Shortcake Slice
Buttery goodness with seasonal fruit - raspberry, blueberry, chocolate & salted peanut (I know that isn't a fruit!), rhubarb. . .

- Rich dark chocolate & French cocoa brownie
Fudgey goodness, sometimes with cookies & cream crumbled in & over! Oh, yes!

Below is a sample menu of a Wedding I am catering for in March. The brief, a buffet style cold savoury lunch for 100. 

Cold meat platters:

- Free-range pork loin stuffed with figs & prunes

- Roast fillet of beef with salsa verde (parsley, lemon, caper sauce)

- Free-range roasted chicken with sweet spiced pickled cherries

3 Salad bowls:

- Roasted pumpkin, rocket, toasted almond & fetta

- Potato, soused red onion, free-range egg mustard mayo & nigella seeds

- BBQ corn kernel, black bean, basil, fresh tomato & greens