Wedding for 100 lovely people - March 2011

*3 Cold meat platters:

- Free-range pork loin stuffed with figs & prunes

- Roast fillet of beef with salsa verde (parsley, lemon, caper sauce)

- Free-range roasted chicken with sweet spiced pickled cherries

*3 Salad bowls:

- Roasted pumpkin, rocket, toasted almond & fetta

- Potato, soused red onion, free-range egg mustard mayo & nigella seeds

- BBQ corn kernel, black bean, basil, fresh tomato & greens

The Market - February 2011

- summer tomato with preserved basil, cucumber, flatbread strips, mint & lemon zest

- potato slaw with bbq corn, green cabbage & fennel herb

- butter bean, olive oil, creamy fetta, parsley, green chilli & tuna

*baked rissotto balls with fetta & smoked free-range chicken filling, nigella & sesame seed crust

*free-range egg & bacon ruff puff tart

- light lemon yoghurt cake with greengage layer & orange blossom swiss buttercream

- cookies & cream french cocoa & chocolate brownie

The Market - December

- christmas spice fruit scrolls

- crofton apple & boysenberry shortcake slice

- hazelnut & french cocoa deluxe biscuits

- little rum soaked christmas cakes

- pan de higos (similar to pan forte with figs, almonds, cinnamon, honey, chocolate and french cocoa)

- oatmeal graham crackers in take-home gift jars

- large rum soaked christmas cakes

- summer tabouleh - vine ripened tomatoes, burghul, morroccan mint, cucumber & red onion
- white bean salad with smoked eggplant, flat-leaf parsley and garlic tahini dressing

- pastrami, pickles & pecorino on sourdough rye
- hummus, grilled zucchini & sheep fetta on white sourdough

- spinach & fetta ruff puff pastries

Designed; made - December

 hunter's sausage roll in homemade shortcrust with seeded cider mustard

salad tubs medium or large
- roasted pumpkin, chickpea, organic pepitas, roasted garlic & greens
- cous, cous, giant raisins, cranberries, toasted almonds, sheep fetta and lemon dressing

sourdough baguettes
- organic pepita pesto, roasted pumpkin & picante provlone
- tomato, cucumber and parsley salsa with felafel and labne

- boysenberry & raspberry shortcake slice

- fruit mince pies

- little rum soaked christmas cakes

- pan de higos (a spanish pan forte)

- large christmas cakes

Mothers Market - November

 home-made flour tortillas with 
- free-range chicken & sweet potato mole 
- slow baked beans with corn & black bean salsa 
optional - guacamole & hot sauce!

- hunter's sausage roll in shortcrust pastry with home-made seeded cider mustard 

 sourdough baguettes with 
- slow baked beans & free-range egg salad 
- free-range chicken with cucumber & tomato salsa & provolone 

 salad tubs medium or large
- sweet potato, fetta, celery & toasted almond 
- corn, black bean, coriander, fresh tomato & greens 
- pink eye potato, soused red onion, free-range egg mustard mayo & nigella seeds

- boysenberry & raspberry shortcake 
- dark chocolate & salted peanut slice 
- pasticcini di mandorle (soft little almond biscuits) 
- breakfast banana, ginger & honey muffin 


- fruit mince pies 
- rum soaked little christmas cakes 
- oatmeal graham crackers (great with cheese)
- pan de higos (similar to a pan forte with dark chocolate, cinnamon, French cocoa, figs & almond)

The Market - November

hunter's sausage roll in shortcrust pastry, with home-made seeded cider mustard (gee that's a mouthful) 

fresh sourdough baguettes with:
- rare roast beef, chimichurri & wild rocket
- felafel with mint yoghurt & roasted capsicum

cucumber, mint, watercress, oven roasted tomatoes & chickpeas

roasted sweet potato, elgaar yoghurt pepper-berry dressing, preserved lemon & nigella seeds

rocket, olive & parmesan smash, bbq asparagus, balsamic & toasted almond

black currant & raspberry cream cheese tart

brown butter and berry shortcake bars

old fashioned ginger & salted peanut slice

flowerless orange & mustard seed cakes with cream cheese frosting 

portuguese custard tarts

take home:

mini christmas cakes
pan de higos
goody gumdrops jar - filled with oatmeal graham crackers
mince pie packs

The Market - October

fennel, almond & olive smash

- black bean, ginger, coriander & sweetcorn
- spiced yoghurt, roasted cauliflower & green bean 
- soba noodles, free-range bantam tea eggs & asparagus

fresh sourdough baguette with:
-  lamb kofta & meredith fetta
- smoked eggplant, basil & buffalo mozzarella 

rice balls with free-range lemon chicken centre & sesame & nigella seed crust

 - kolache (koh-lah-chkey, a Czechoslavakian pastry) filled with poppy seed, date, honey & hazelnuts
- strawberry shortcake bars 
- star anise poached apple & almond filo pastry pie 
- pasticcini di mandorle (little soft almond biscuits)