Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost Valentine's Day, Summer Market 2011

Time to get all romantic and drag your respective partner or pal along to the first of the 2011 Markets to be held at the Masonic Temple. 

While you're there shop for that special something perhaps, or grab a terribly romantic take home brunch/lunch/dinner from yours truly. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty content if my partner in crime fronted up with a 'cookies & cream french cocoa & chocolate brownie'!

Other goodies available on the day:

- summer tomato with preserved basil, cucumber, flatbread strips, mint & lemon zest

- potato slaw with bbq corn, green cabbage & fennel herb

- butter bean, olive oil, creamy fetta, parsley, green chilli & tuna

*baked rissotto balls with fetta & smoked free-range chicken filling, nigella & sesame seed crust

*free-range egg & bacon ruff puff tart

- light lemon yoghurt cake with greengage layer & orange blossom swiss buttercream

- cookies & cream french cocoa & chocolate brownie

Hope to see you there.

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