Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bits & bobs

It has been a bit of this and a bit of that kind of day. A bit of early morning puy lentil cooking to stash in the fridge for one of the small's lunch; bit of out & about at the world's possibly best playgroup (they have REAL coffee people); a bit of gardening; a bit of cute niece coming over to, ahem, assist in rearranging the house; a bit of easy baked fish & steamed pink eye potatoes & cucumber salad for the smalls' dinner. It has been a busy day. 

The house looks like a bomb has hit it. I'm a bit knackered to clean up, but we did have a yummy dinner, put together with the aforementioned 'prep' that somehow occurred in the day. I love it when a plan comes together (ha ha).

So, a Spring salad. Puy lentils, fresh tomato, left over baked fish & all it's juices (plus any bits that were chucked in the pot for flavour), a handful of chopped herbs, left over steamed pinkeyes, PLUS, a small handful of buttery plump scallops I picked up as a treat, oh and a big squeeze of lemon.

DELICIOUS! and easy and there is hardly any washing up!


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