Monday, November 15, 2010

the show goes on

I may well be so tired that yesterday I used nail polish remover instead of make-up remover; and today I thought it was Tuesday, (I'm so glad it's not).  Rest assured good readers that all kitchen activity is up to par.

So this is what I do whilst the littlest small sleeps. I make PAN DE HIGOS, chockers full of dried figs, whole blanched almonds, French cocoa, dark chocolate & cinnamon.

 And dainty little Christmas cakes, (yet to be done up with all the trimmings). A beautiful recipe adapted from my Nan's recipe with lots of soaked dried fruit & spiked with rum!

And the reason I do this whilst the small sleeps? Because this is what happens if I don't!

These Christmassy treats are good, sooo good. Especially with coffee. Speaking of which, it's time I had one!


  1. Beautiful. Am so glad my ratlets are now at school but so miss them too. Wish we lived south of the border. Your Xmas treats look amazing.

  2. gosh you must have incredible self control, all those cakes & treats wouldn't last long in our home!