Sunday, November 21, 2010


I had a MASSIVE day at The Market today. MASSIVE. All went well, there was a LITTLE bit of weary leaning towards the 3pm mark but all in all a good day for everyone.

I sold nearly all my wares & walked away with some orders for Christmas treats & a Holiday catering job. Wonderful.

It seems that there is always at least one thing forgotten, (by me), on market day. Today - the camera. So, sorry no pics to show. Instead here are some links to a few of my favourite stall holders of the day, (there were many).

In no particular order we have . . .

Flatpack Bakers with their gorgeous presentation & top quality ingredients.

The vivacious duo from Who Did That. Just gorgeous I tell you.

And, super talented Captain Blueberry who I am lucky enough to have working on a graphic job for mondo mama's kitchen.